Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sweet Penguins

This is my last Chistmas project for the year - Phew!
And there were some dramas with it :)

I wanted to make my granddaughter a little Christmas gift and I decided to buy one of these snowglobes that you can put your photo inside.  So one side has a lovely photo of her and on the other side I created a little wintery scene using some new and old goodies from CC Designs.

I wanted to have her name on it so I used the Mini Alpha and Numbers die for that and added some stardust stickles to the top.  SO, after colouring the cute little penguin and cutting her out, I decided to ink up a pretty scene so that she would be on snow with a sunset behind her.  When the glitter was dry and I attached it to the card and put it in the globe, I realised the name was too low and you couldn't read it because of the snow and the red base.  I tried to pull the letters off and of course I had stuck it too well and I just ruined the whole thing!

Sooo I started again!  Cut out the name again, glittered it and inked up another pretty background.
Then I waited for it to dry.  I put it in the snowglobe and I was much happier with it.  I knew it was going to be hard to photograph and it was!  It does look much prettier in person.

When I was going through the photos to choose a couple of better ones for my blog, I thought how weird it was that the background inking had not shown up very much at all.  It was very "washed-out" and just looked as if it was WHITE!?  Umm ...... surely I couldn't have really stuck it down on the un-inked side of the paper, could I?  After doing all this twice?
I had to go and check .....

YEP  I did!  And there was no way I was doing it a 3rd time!  It's a shame because the inked background did look nice, but it's still pretty - I just can't believe that I did that! :(
I think it just shows how stressed out my brain is about STILL not having all my Christmas shopping done yet!
Oh well, maybe it will teach me to be more organised next year :)

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas :)


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