Sunday, March 6, 2011



I received a stylish blogger award this week.  It was from Judy Marshall who is a Stampin’ Up demo from Canada.  I was very honoured that she likes my cards and my blog enough to give me this award.  You should definitely check out her blog, she has some wonderful cards and tutorials on there (and even more importantly she’s a lovely lady too!)  It’s so wonderful making new blogging buddies!  Thanks so much Judy.


I now have to nominate 8 bloggers that I admire.

There are a lot of blogs that I regularly visit, so this was a bit tricky but these are some of my favourites, in no particular order.  Please check them out. 

The last one is not actually a stamping blog (it’s my daughter’s blog) and I definitely admire her, (and she’s very stylish!) so I’ve added it too. Her blog is full of gorgeous photography and paintings.

Brenda Quintana

Bronwyn Eastley

Jan Tink

Mel Barkwith

Michelle Zindorf

Brandi Wiggins

Kerin Sylvester


Now the real catch to getting this award is that you have to write 8 things about yourself that others might not know. Hard!

1. I love to play WII Just Dance with my girls.

2. I get so badly hooked on some games such as Tetris that I have to ban myself from playing them.  I even had to tell my husband to hide my DS from me.  So it has been missing for a couple of years now! There are so many games like that on the computer now that I know I would get HOOKED on, so I haven’t even looked at them because I know I’m a mindless game ADDICT!

3. I love reading my girls bedtime stories.

4. I am bad at making decisions.  It can take me a whole day to make 1 card because I can’t decide which colours work best together, which embellishment to use, which ribbon looks best, whether to pop the sentiment up on a dimensional, etc, etc, etc.

5. All my kids (4) play musical instruments (2 guitar, 2 violin). I don’t. But I love music and love listening to them play.

6. Everyone’s name in my family starts with a “K sound”.  Everyone starts with K except for Christopher.  I should have just spelled his with a K too! 

7. I used to love cooking.  But now that I have to do it every night and day, it has lost its appeal!!!!

8. I’m afraid of worms.

Phew! All done!

I also got an award last week from Paper Players for my 50th birthday card. Yay!  I love entering challenges and winning occasionally. (Oh, that’s 9 things about me that you might not know!)



  1. Thanks, Kathy. Your points make interesting reading. I'm glad I'm not the only one that can take all day to make a card - decisions, decisions!!

  2. Congrats on the award! Well deserved, Kathy! I loved reading your "8 things"! Hugs xxaxx
    PS I am still having computer probs ... after a major crash! Access to the internet is frustrating me ... even though my dh has solved the main probs. Off to scroll through what I have missed over the last few days ... Hugs xxaxx

  3. Kirsty Girl nominated me, which is how I landed on your site. And I just have to say your creativity and projects are awesome. Really amazing work you do. Soon as I have more time in my life, I am most definitely going to try out a few of your ideas.


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