Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog awards


I won the Colour Queen Courtier award for my Think Pink card last week.  It was such an honour because there were so many beautiful entries, the pinks and crumb cake combination must be a good one (or maybe I’m just partial to those colours?)

I was also given an award by Andrea at Enchantink last week, its called the Leibster Blog award.  I was very touched that she thought of me and my little blog.  Thanks so much Andrea.  She is very kind and I could very easily give the award back to her she has a wonderful blog if you’d like to check hers out too its here.


This blog award is given to “newish” blogs to encourage them and to help more people to find out about them.

I need to now pass this blog award onto some others and share some blog love. I have given them to blogs I love to visit that are newish or have less than 100 followers.

Mel Barkwith (Not sure how many followers Mel has, maybe it’s Gazillions it’s so good but I’ve given her one anyway. It’s a fantastic blog and maybe she doesn’t have that many followers?)

Julie Gearinger

Bronwyn Eastley (Only just sneaks into this category, but it’s a wonderful blog)

Zarna Gould

Check them out, they are all super talented and although I haven’t met them personally, I have met them “online” and they are all really lovely, helpful and caring people as well!



  1. Hi Kathy! So glad you enjoyed this little treat! Treasure it hunny ... you deserve it! Hugs xxaxx
    PS Just noticed ... you have 4 kids 5 to 24!!! Wow! That is alot of years of school lunches! I thought my 26 continuous years (5 kids - 12 to 25)was bad!!! But ... you have even longer! (grin) xx


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